My Whacky Mission

When you cross my path the optimum goal is to have you leave me feeling empowered to be yourself & inspired to activate your highest potential. I work by focusing on my inner self so that I can contiuously be who I am destined to be; a teacher, a leader, an innovative, a beacon of pure light. My ultimate mission is to emit high frequencies that encourage you to uncover your purpose so that you step into your most authentically whacky self.

Custom Paintings

All paintings are completely customisable, just like this wonderfully large painting that travelled to the other side of the country!

If you'd like an energy painting that is larger than the standard canvas on offer please get in contact with me prior so that we may discuss your ideas & meet your needs.


You're incredibly intuitive and super lovely. I felt very comfortable and almost like I have known you for a long time. Your reading was so on point. Everything you said felt totally relatable. I feel even more reassured now...


It was like he went right into my soul and pulled out all my past hurt that I had supressed for so long and told me what I needed to work on healing and ways to do it


Things were mentioned that I've never opened up to anybody about! I have been struggling lately, hence the reading and you gave me so much guidance and a better understanding of my current situation.


I am so in awe of Jack's talent! I have had a few different readings by him and each time they are phenomenal! I cannot recommend him enough! Always on point with what is going on in my life and is so enlightening!


I can't thank you enough for my reading. My reading was spot on about what my current situation is and I felt it was really able to give me better insight of my mind, body and soul.