Snowflake Obsidian Flatstone

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Ok ok. I know I said Selenite was my favourite but seriously this is my go to powerhouse for self-development! So what do you get when molten lava cools so quickly it doesn’t have time to crystallise? Obsidian! This process is what’s said to make this volcanic glass free of boundaries and limitations, allowing it to do its work extremely fast. There is a sense of merciless in the way Obsidian exposes your flaws, behaviours, patterns, weaknesses and blockages, almost forcing anything that doesn’t serve you to be stripped away. Obsidian’s keen eye means nothing will be missed and it won’t hesitate to shine a light on the darkness within! These qualities make Obsidian perfect for growth and transformation, almost like a soulful deep clean, which it will do whilst supporting you greatly.

Obsidian is an extremely protective stone and is perfect for using to ward off any negative energies. This glass is great for providing stability and helping you become more grounded, shining a light on your inner truth. Obsidian’s powerful grounding ability is great for when you’re procrastinating and need a fresh burst of confidence, resilience and self control. Secretly, this is most likely the reason as to why I love Obsidian so much! If you’re looking for the perfect stone to provide you with a protective shield, whilst giving you a necessary kick up the backside so you can make the changes needed to shine bright and protect yourself, then go no further than Obsidian!