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Selenite may very well be my ultimate favourite crystal... Shh don't tell the others. Selenite is most commonly found deep within caves in Mexico, Morocco and Madagascar, with some pieces reaching over 30 feet in length! Hooley dooley! Named after the moon by the Ancient Greeks, this delicate form of gypsum is practically pure light in a physical form. Selenite's extremely high vibration makes it a powerful cleansing and charging tool capable of uplifiting the energies and spirits of those who use it. This beautiful crystal will not only elevate your energies but will also elevate, cleanse, charge and purify other objects, like crystals and cards, too. Place other crystals and objects on or near Selenite to experience it's full effects, or wave a piece of Selenite through your auric field to cleanse yourself.

Selenite can be used throughout your home to create an energetic atmosphere, and when placed near the entrances to your home will help leave any lower vibrations outside. Meditating with Selenite can help bring balance to the mind, body and soul and raise your energetic vibrations. Since this crystal embodies all that is light, it is perfect for brightening your own light so that you can outshine the darkness. Due to Selenite's high vibrations it can be used to form protective light grids and bubbles around you and your space. As a crystal of high light vibration, Selenite will aid you in connecting with higher spiritual realms and light beings, particularly the angelic realm.