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A pack designed to help activate, cleanse and balance your Root Chakra!

The Root Chakra, also commonly known as the Base Chakra, is the foundation of your physical being, and as the name suggests is the lowest Chakra, located at the base of your spine. This Chakra point gives you your sense of security and safety, allowing you to remain grounded in life. Your primal and survival instincts are driven from the Root Chakra, allowing you to make positive use of your resources. The Root Chakra gives you a sense of stability in all areas of life, particularly regarding your home within yourself, your finances and your necessities. This Chakra is also related to your family of origin and your connection to your human tribe. The Root Chakra is strongly linked to your physical well-being, helping control physical health, vitality and the immune system.

When the Root Chakra is experiencing an imbalance you may feel pain or stiffness in your feet, legs and hamstrings. You may feel a reduced amount of flexibility and a low sense of physical stability and potential fluctuations in weight, being over or under weight. An unbalanced Root Chakra may lead to high levels of fear and insecurity within your life, leaving you susceptible to cravings and addictions. When the Root Chakra is over or under reactive you may be living from a place of stress, anxiety and depression, causing a weakened immune system. This imbalance may feel like you’re ungrounded and unsafe, your home life may feel chaotic and unsettled and you may feel stuck in life. An unbalanced Root Chakra can leave you susceptible to laziness, a lack of motivation and feeling drained of energy.

This pack will aid in the activation and balancing of your Root Chakra so that you can restore stability, security and safety. Perfect for increasing motivation, general positivity, energy levels and helping you remain grounded. The crystals in this pack are selectively chosen because of their energies and properties that work with the Root Chakra. The beautiful Essential Oil Roller is created by Jamie from @the.mystical.mama and is specifically designed with oils that aid in balancing the Root Chakra through the frequencies they hold. Use by applying the roller to your feet, and carrying the crystals with you. Meditating with the crystals once the oil has been applied using affirmations such as ‘I am safe’, ‘I am grounded’ and ‘I am stable’ and visualising the Root Chakra expanding are good practices to help activate and balance this Chakra. Going outside and connecting with the Earth through soil and plants will also help balance the Root Chakra.

This pack includes;

- 10ml Root Chakra Essential Oil Roller

- Clear Quartz Tumble

- Clear Quartz Point

- Red Banded Jasper Tumble

- Obsidian Tumble

- Smoky Quartz Point

*Essential Oil Roller Ingredients: Coconut Oil, Frankincense EO, Patchouli EO, Vetiver EO and Chamomile Flowers