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Purpurite gets it’s name from purpura, a Latin word that means, you guessed it, purple! This stunning stone is one of violet flame energy, with its mystical nature being easily seen and felt when gazing upon its vibrant purple colour. Purpurite has strong healing abilities and is a super powerful stone when it comes to psychic and energetic protection. This protective nature makes this stone perfect for helping with stress and anxiety. A confidence boosting energy allows this stone to aid with communicating your opinions clearly and engagement during social interactions. When combining these abilities with Purpurite’s stress reducing powers, it is perfect for making speeches, job interviews and interactions that require tact and courtesy.

Purpurite brings calm and peace into your life as it transforms negative energies into positive ones. This energy transforming stone supports you when it comes to breaking your old behaviours, patterns and cycles that are no longer beneficial in your life and journey. Purpurite has powerful grounding abilities which help guide one to make the necessary adjustments and changes to live a more authentic spiritual and emotional life. Inspiring you to become less greedy and indulgent, Purpurite really helps you remove your self-destructive and self-imposing behaviours.

Purpurite is a powerful ascension tool and will help you tune into higher frequencies by opening and connecting the crown and third eye chakras. Carrying this mineral will help boost your intuition and raise your level of consciousness, guiding you to feel comfortable channeling energy through your mind and into your third eye. Working with Purpurite regularly, especially during meditation, can increase visions and messages from your higher self and internal world regarding the path you’re currently travelling.