Purple Fluorite Tumble Stones

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Are these deep purples totally mesmerizing or what! It may have something to do with the fact Fluorite carries a calm and stable vibration that brings order to chaos, and scattered and conflicting energies into harmony, sucking you in. Fluorite is often referred to as the 'genius stone' as it supports thought, focus and concentration, making it ideal for sudying or completing any upcoming projects. This crystal brings about balance into all apsects of your life to help you reach your highest state of mental achievement, and absorb new knowledge, helping you work through any complex issues. Fluorite's frequency stimulates brain cells, attracting more life force energy as it allows both hemispheres to function efficiently together in balance. This stone encourgaes the expansion of your consciousness, helping the mind to reach new levels of mental, spiritual and psychic awareness. Fluorite is great for boosting creativity and providing you with a limitless range of paths and opportunites to explore.

Purple Fluorite in particular works with the Third Eye Chakra, helping bring some common sense to psychic insight. This crystal is useful for when you really want to focus on the connecting to your intuition and communicating with higher relams without any misunderstandings. Purple Fluorite is perfect to use during focused meditation to help you receive clear knowledge from your higher self. It is a stone of protection, making it ideal for dreamwork and astral travel as it will defend you from lower vibrational beings and bad dreams. Purple Fluorite radiates an energy throughout the light body encouraging the release of stress, spiritual discomfort, and physical blockages.