Lodolite Chlorite Generator

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Doesn’t this stunner just suck you straight in with its mysterious and magic appearance! More commonly known as Garden Quartz, these little babies radiate a harmonious energy that echoes that of a tranquil garden. Lodolite Chlorite is perfect for finding balance in your relationships, just as the plants and flowers in a garden live together in peace. A great crystal to help mend broken relationships as it improves communication and helps connections progress forwards. Bringing in the energy of peaceful gardens and quiet forests, this crystal is effective in revival, recovery and rejuvenation.

Garden Quartz helps you focus on tending to your own garden within. Encouraging you to release your emotions and awaken to your inner feelings, Lodolite Chlorite allows you to get your energy moving and make things happen. A great crystal to boost your levels of hope and help guide you to a better future. Meditating with Garden Quartz can help you remove blockages from the past, dissolving the negative forces and renewing your sense of life. This crystal gives me all the fairy vibes, and it will do just that for you! Helping you find your little wings and sprinkle a little magic into your own life.