Pinolith Stone Skull

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A power packed stone that has only been found in Lower Tauern, a mountain range of the Central Eastern Alps in Austria, for the last 150 years. Until recently when another small deposit was unearthed in 2018 in British Columbia, Canada. Pinolith is a metamorphic rock formed by the collaboration of howlite with a grey dolomite and graphite matrix. An epic combination that only forms in these two places in the entire world... Wow!

Pinolith is believed to be perfect for balance, creating an equilibrium between the emotions and intellect. It has a soothing and calming effect which helps improve self-esteem and relaxation. Pinolith is great for promoting positive thought, imagination, clarity and creativity by getting rid of negativity and boosting positive visualisation. It can help attain the highest state of meditation and is a useful aid for building a deeper connection with ones self. During meditation, this energetic mineral can allow you to go to the depths of your heart and mind to uncover your true inner potential whilst remaining grounded and safe. Pinolith helps with focusing on new beginnings and opportunities, whilst reminding you of just how far you’ve travelled and the constant growth you’ve already experienced.