Lithium Quartz Candle

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No wonder they call these babies candles, this rough point reminds me of a giant wax drip! Not to mention is smooth vibes like that of a candles surface. Lithium Quartz holds the vibrations of number 6, ensuring it's filled with loving and nurturing vibes. This Quartz is perfect for anyone suffering from depression or anxiety, as it's calming energies help reduce stress, relieve tension and calm frayed nerves. Lithium Quartz will help you release any negative attachments as it reinforces the flow of positive energy throughout the entire Chakra System. This soul soothing stone promotes peace and harmony as well as supporting emotional openness. Lithium Quartz helps draw you into the present moment for heartfelt moments as it encourages you to release expectations and surrender to the Divine timing and plan of the Universe.

As a crystal of overall balance, Lithium Quartz will also restore balance to your spirit energy allowing you to tune in to the calming energies of the higher realms. This beauty helps activate your Third Eye Chakra, helping establish more attuned connections to your angels and spirit guides so that you may see the overall bigger picture and find peace. Lithium Quartz gentle vibrations that encourage balance will allow you to bring more productivity, enthusiasm, energy and inspiration into your life, all whilst feeling relaxed.