Lemon Quartz Generator

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When life gives you Lemon Quartz it's time for growing success! Like the power of making lemonde from a bucket of lemons and selling it from a little lemonde stand, Lemon Quartz is perfect for making your dreams come true and bringing in information needed for success. Just like homemade lemonade, Lemon Quartz is also man made, created by heating amethyst, yellow quartz and iron together at extremely high temperatures. This stunning gem will help you with structure, focus and amplifying thoughts and information, bring in clarity, clear communication and happiness.

Meditating with Lemon Quartz will aid you in filtering out distractions, boosting concentration and enhancing memory function. Acitivating the Solar Plexus Chakra, Lemon Quartz helps reduce anxiety and decrease any negativity in your life, bringing in optimism, well being and creativity. It will aid in promoting self worth, self esteem and a sense of freedom. Lemon Quartz is one of many money stones, helping to attract finacial prosperity and wealth. If you're looking for a fresh burst of lemon in your life to help bring in clarity, success and positivity then look no further!