Honey Calcite Heart

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Roses are red. Violets are blue. Honey Calcite is sweet. And will make you sweet too. Hopefully you didn’t hear my singing voice whilst reading that... but seriously, singing aside, doesn’t your mouth just water and overflow with sweetness when looking at these precious babies?

Who would have thought crystallised limestone could be so gorgeous! Calcite is a powerful amplifier of energy and a highly active crystal, making it ideal for speeding up growth and development. As a cleanser and remover of stagnant negative energies, Calcite helps enhance your levels of self trust, strengthen your resilience and balance your overall energies. This stunner of a crystal calms the mind, boosts memory function and stimulates insight, allowing you to reach higher levels of awareness and increase your psychic abilities. This high vibe stone is perfect for helping you expand your consciousness and access higher spiritual realms, promoting plenty of spiritual growth!

Honey Calcite in particular gives you that super sweet confidence boost and helps you regain your personal power. As a stone that works with the Crown, Sacral and Solar Plexus Chakras it aids in raising your vibration and enhances your willpower and motivation. That sweet sweet comfort honey provides you as it melts throughout your mouth is the same energy Honey Calcite embodies, helping you experience inner harmony and peace so that you may continue to embark on your journey of self discovery and find your personal sweet spot!