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A pack designed to help activate, cleanse and balance your Heart Chakra!

The Heart Chakra is associated with love and compassion of all kinds, and as the name suggests is located at the chest. This Chakra is responsible for kindness to strangers, romantic love, friendship, family love, and self-love. The Heart Chakra is what drives and instils beauty within and toward the world. It helps with the transformation and integration of yourself with the rest of the world and ensuring your life is filled with love and you experience wholeness. As a point of unconditional love, the Heart Chakra connects us to our affection, tenderness and endearment, helping us with the process of forgiveness. The Heart Chakra instils peace, happiness and acceptance towards all that exists within and without.

When out of balance you may experience jealousy, greed and despair. An imbalanced Heart Chakra can leave you being judgemental and manipulative, towards yourself and others. You may struggle to show others compassion, love and empathy. When the Heart Chakra is unbalanced you may find you are experiencing emotional distress and even depression. Poor decision making, an inability to receive love in any of its form and feeling a sense of lack or loss in love are also symptoms of an imbalanced Heart Chakra. When this Chakra is out of whack you may experience circulatory, respiratory and blood pressure issues, pain in your upper back or chest and tight or overly flexible shoulders.

This pack will aid in the activation and balancing of your Heart Chakra so that you can restore love, compassion and understanding. Perfect for increasing peace, acceptance, self love and helping you with the process of forgiveness. The crystals in this pack are selectively chosen because of their energies and properties that work with the Heart Chakra. The beautiful Essential Oil Roller is created by Jamie from @the.mystical.mama and is specifically designed with oils that aid in balancing the Heart Chakra through the frequencies they hold. Use by applying the roller over and above your heart, and carrying the crystals with you. Meditating with the crystals once the oil has been applied using affirmations such as ‘I am open to love’, ‘I open my heart to forgiveness’ and ‘I speak with love and compassion’ and visualising the Heart Chakra expanding are good practices to help activate and balance this Chakra.

This pack includes;

- 10ml Heart Chakra Essential Oil Roller

- Clear Quartz Tumble

- Clear Quartz Point

- Rose Quartz Tumble

- Green Aventurine Tumble

- Green Fluorite Tumble

*Essential Oil Roller Ingredients: Coconut Oil, Frankincense EO, Lavender EO and Rose Petals