Green Opal Palm Stone

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Hooley dooley! I have no words to describe how amazing the patterns and colours of this stone are! It’s like an aerial view of the Amazon Rainforest! Opal has a fine vibration that can help enhance physic abilities, increase visions and boost your connection to the collective consciousness. As an absorbent and reflective stone it can help you pick up on your thoughts and feelings and amplify them. For this reason, Opal is a karmic stone that teaches you what goes around comes around. A stone of great stealth and protection, when programmed to do so will allow you to complete spiritual work where you’re required to be unnoticeable or invisible.

Opal’s amplifying properties can be used to help transform psychological and emotional energies into alignment with the higher frequencies of unconditional love. This wonder stone enhances self-worth and helps you understand your truest potential. As a stone that is associated with passions, desires and love it encourages putting out positive emotions and helps with the exploration of feelings. Green Opal in particular aids with emotional recovery and helps boost relationships. As a cleansing and rejuvenating stone, Green Opal helps with filtering information and reorienting the mind. This green beauty will help you find meaning in everyday life and bring about a fresh perspective.