Blue Apatite Tumble Stones

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Why was the geologist feeling a little blue? He’d lost his apatite!

The perfect stone for when you’re feeling a little blue, Blue Apatite will soothe your soul and calm your mind, clearing away any confusion, negativity and lack of enthusiasm. This gorgeous stone, with its many shades of blue, is perfect for stimulating your mind to get your positive thoughts flowing, helping to expand your knowledge and truth so that you may find your personal power. Blue Apatite is a stone of manifestation that will help you achieve your goals, and focus your service on yourself and others.

Blue Apatite has a cleansing effect on the body and aura, helping you go with the flow during your search for freedom. A stone that is known for its manifestation abilities, it will allow you to bring forth into reality that which you desire, keeping you attuned to you plans for the future. Blue Apatite allows for a deeper dive and reflection into one’s self, helping with insight and inner clarity. As a deeply spiritual crystal it will help you attune to higher realms and bring this knowledge back down to Earth, increasing the amount of realisations you have. It is also useful for increasing the strength and frequency of visions, lucid dreaming and astral projection. The perfect stone for helping you attune to your guides and other spiritual beings, Blue Apatite really is a great crystal for helping boost your intuition and communication.