Black Tourmaline Chunk

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The absolute go to protection stone! And if it’s not working, just throw it at them! Ok ok I‘m not one to endorse violence, never throw your crystals, they have feelings too.

Black Tourmaline is without a doubt the epitome of protection stones to ever exist. These little babies are not necessarily black, but rather a mixture of all the colours of the minerals surrounding it during formation. This gives Black Tourmaline the colour spectrum of the rainbow whilst being void of all light, the definition of darkness. This special makeup allows it to be quite versatile and work with both negative and positive energies.

Black Tourmaline’s ability to work with all the colours of the spectrum makes it the perfect balancing stone of positive and negative energies. This attribute allows it to work on all of the chakras, balancing and grounding them. It’s an awesome grounding stone as it facilitates the connection between the human spirit and Earth. Black Tourmaline can protect you from negative energies and also help you draw in and accept positive ones. This stone can also aid in the transformation of heavier and denser energies into light. What a job! Black Tourmaline’s neutralising and purifying properties make it perfect for calming the mind and soothing the soul. It’s great for boosting your self-confidence and empowerment, helping you to overcome any challenges. Placing a piece of Black Tourmaline in the four corners of your home helps create a powerful protection grid from any negative energies wanting to enter, all whilst boosting the positive energies on their way through!