Apophyllite, Calcite & Gyrolite Cluster

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Who? What? When? Where? How on Earth did this come to exist.... because wow! I thought I’d experienced true love until I laid eyes on this baby! A combination of three powerful crystals makes this cluster a super epic specimen! Where do I begin? Let’s break it down.

Apophyllite has a high water content, making it an excellent energy conductor and powerful vibrational transmitter, allowing it to enhance the energies of beings and the surrounding environments. Apophyllite’s high frequency encourages and enhances connections between the physical and spiritual realms which allows it to be a carrier of the Akashic Records. This crystal has a calming and grounding effect, helping you release any suppressed emotions so that you may feel comfortable in your own body. Apophyllite is a stone of truth and universal love that will allow you to gain insight into your own behaviours so that you may transform these patterns and cycles into positive ones.

Who would have thought crystallised limestone could be so gorgeous! Calcite is a powerful amplifier of energy and a highly active crystal, making it ideal for speeding up growth and development. As a cleanser and remover of stagnant negative energies, Calcite helps enhance your levels of self trust, strengthen your resilience and balance your overall energies. This stunner of a crystal calms the mind, boosts memory function and stimulates insight, allowing you to reach higher levels of awareness and increase your psychic abilities. This high vibe stone is perfect for helping you expand your consciousness and access higher spiritual realms, promoting plenty of spiritual growth!

Gyrolite gets its name from the Greek word gyros, meaning ‘circle’, appropriately fitting given the little spherical structures it forms. This fragile crystal is actually a very uncommon mineral, making it pretty rare, and is believed to cleanse, charge and activate other crystals. Gyrolite activates a channel between the crown, third eye and solar plexus chakras, allowing you to gain important insight into the path that lays ahead and the actions needed to get you to where you desire to be. Known as a crystal of epiphanies, Gyrolite will help you turn your life around and cut out anything that doesn’t align with you.

Whacking these three powerful life altering crystals into one awesome cluster will definitely have you experiencing a life that is next level amazing!